Purchase Terms of Service

Basic Definitions:
WE means any member of the staff of the Coolax-Gaming line of servers.
YOU means the buyer of any of our services.
US means any member of the staff of the Coolax-Gaming line of servers.

By purchasing this product you are agreeing to the following terms -
1. We are not obliged to provide a valid reason if you are banned. Rest assured, you will be given a reason if in the very small possibility that you are.
2. You are aware that Coolax-Gaming is in no way related to Mojang or Microsoft.
3. If you do not follow the ToS, you will be banned from buying our products/participating in our services.
4. We reserve the right to deny our services/products to anyone without a valid reason. Rest assured, you will be given a reason.
5. You have permission from the owner of the PayPal account or credit/debit card. You will be banned from the enjin store and our servers if otherwise.
6. You are responsible for your minecraft and enjin account.
7. This is a purchase, not a donation. You are purchasing services from the server.

ToS Updates
The terms of service may be updated at any given time without notice. It is your job to make sure that you are familiar with the terms and check back regularly. We will hold you accountable to the latest terms of service, no matter what. It is your responsibility to remain informed. In the case that there are major updates, the user will be informed.

No Refunds
This applies to if you are banned, or are not satisfied with your purchase. If you are banned wrongly, file a unban request on the website. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you will not be given a refund. If the server is shut down, a refund will still not be issued. If you think you were wrongfully banned, you can submit a ban appeal. If the appeal is denied, you will not be allowed a refund.

PayPal Disputes
If a PayPal dispute is opened, your perks will be revoked and you will be banned. All matters can be settled within the staff of Coolax-Gaming. If you are banned and you open a dispute, please remember that we have proof that you agreed to the ToS and we can present that to Paypal. Be aware of this in the possibility that you do open a dispute.

No Abusing Purchases
If purchases are abused in any way, action will be taken. This action may vary from a case to case basis. Abusing includes using your permissions to harass players or staff members, or causing harm to the server.

No transferring purchases
If the perks of your purchase are attempted to be transferred, your service will be terminated without hesitation. This however does not include items being stolen. (See number 7) This includes you selling the perks we have given or handing some of your power out for money.

Changes of Products
Since this product is digital, it may have its perks re-balanced any time. It means removing some perks that we might consider buggy or overpowering. Rest assured, not all the permissions will be taken away. We may also from time to time add some new permissions to our current rank. All purchases will be affected by the changes, old and new.

If your item is stolen, it will not be reimbursed. This is a PvP raid server, players are allowed to raid or steal your stuff. This also includes your own faction members stealing your stuff. This includes stealing by teleportation of any kind or player versus player combat death. Items lost to clearlag will be handled on a case to case basis.

You will have to follow the exact same rules (plus this tos of course) as regular players and will not be subject to preferential treatment. If we see that you are "duping" your donor only items, you will be banned, your base cleared and your faction disbanded (If you are the leader). Unless your issues are with the items you bought, we will treat them with the same priority as a normal member.