jenjen1130 Manager posted Mon at 8:55

Hello everyone!

I'm pleased to announce that our newest server, FTB Continuum, is now up and ready to be tested by players! Cola NEEDS people to go on and test things, as the new servers tend to start off a little buggy. FTB Continuum is a pretty new pack that involves a lot of mods from Bteam, Blightfall, and Infinity. It's a mix of everything, and I've been playing it for a few hours and can say I really like it.

How to get FTB Continuum

Now, since this is a FTB (Feed the Beast) pack, you will not be able to find it with Technic Launcher. If you already have Infinity downloaded, then you probably know how to download the newest pack. If not, It's easy!

1.) Download the Twitch Desktop app (Formerly the FTB App, they merged with Twitch now) https://www.feed-the-beast.com/

2.) Open the twitch app and make an account, or login with an existing Twitch or Curse account

3.) In the bar on the top left of the screen, click "Mods," which should bring you to Minecraft.

4.) Click on Minecraft, and now you can start browsing for modpacks! 

5.) Since Continuum is a FTB modpack, you should click "browse modpacks" and type Continuum into the search bar.

6.) Download it, and get playing! The server IP is continuum.coolax-gaming.com