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So I’ve play for a decent while and experience most everything the mod pack has to offer. With the huge world border and multiple dimensions; finding bases is close to impossible. Along with the small chances of finding someone’s base, the small community that still plays blightfall are usually all allied so raiding does happen often. PvP is close to nonexistent with the numerous rules that help prevent it. Knowing this I feel that the map should have a small world border, other large dimensions should reset every 6 months or something around that time to discourage hiding. Along with the border changes, the overly complicated armor and weapon system make pvp far from fair and frequent. Blightfall is intended to be a player vs environment modpack and implementing factions and raiding has pushed away many newcomers (I have seen this happen numerous times). Id like to brings these issues to light so the server can grow and be more enjoyable for everyone. I want to hear what very opinion, grievance, and suggestion anyone has.
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yes lower the WB on bfall and maybe on inf too
Posted Apr 11, 19
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