Hello dear Community,
I was messing around with the mystic branch trying to find new spells, without knowing i went into a enemy claim and tried to perform a mystic branch spell and then i was like, Why isnt it working??!, i tried again and accidently pressed O (Thats the key to shoot ghast fireballs)
And then i check my inventory and see 2 Mystic branches http://prntscr.com/mrzax8, i was like OH CRAP at that moment, since i duped and i thought i'd get autobanned since that was a thing in the past.

Note: This is only performable with Genetics of a Ghast AND only in other factions territories.
I did delete the other Mystic branch i accidently duped.
And i dont know if theres other things that work with this, probably yes.

Please patch this as soon as possible