Pixelmon fairy gym leader application-therealmmomaster

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In game name:therealmmomaster

Age (All ages accepted):13

Discord (Mandatory in order for us to communicate efficiently):thezoroarkking

How many hours can you put in per day (minimum of 3 hours):4-5

Time zone:post standard time

At what time-frame are you usually online? 4pm-9pm

How long have you been playing on the server, and what is your playtime (Provide a screenshot of your playtime) (In order to check your playtime run the command /playtime in game):

Have you ever gotten in trouble? (Warns, bans, mutes, etc) If so, what will you do to amend your actions? (Gym leaders, much like staff, represent the server and must uphold the rules to a high regard):never gotten in trouble

How experienced are you with Pokémon/Pixelmon?
I've played for about 3 years
Why do you want to be a Gym Leader?
So i can challenge players more often
Which Gym is this application for:Fairy

What are the type weaknesses? How will you counter them?
Weaknesses are steel and poison so i will have my pokemon be able to buff themselves and be able to heal themselves so i can sweep most of the team
Your Pokémon team you're applying with:
[pokémon showdown format]

sylveon,pixie plate
Ability: cute charm
EVs: 21 HP/ 216 SpA / 21 SpD / 21 Spe
- moon blast
- drain kiss
- calm mine
- protect

(IVs Percentage = 80%)

Brief description of why you chose this Pokémon: sylveon in my opinion is one of the strongest fairy non legendary pokemon in the also is really strong in competitive

Gardevoir,mind plate
Ability: Trace
EVs:/ 16 Atk / 242 SpA / 22 SpD / 16 Spe
- psychic
- calm mind
- shadow ball
- giga impact

(IVs Percentage =60 )

Brief description of why you chose this Pokémon:
Gardevoir will be used to counter the poison which is super effective to fairy


Ability: torrent

EVs: / 220 SpA / 12 SpD / 16 Spe
- hydro cannon
- liquidation
- ice beam
- protect

(IVs Percentage = 60%)

Brief description of why you chose this Pokémon:
I chose Primarina to add a water type to my team to be able to deal with fire
mimikyu, Mimikium Z
Ability: Disguise
EVs: 221 HP / 16 Def / 142 SpD /
- shadow claw
- swords dance
- payback
- Giga drain

(IVs Percentage 60%= )

Brief description of why you chose this Pokémon:
Mimikyu would be on the team as a tank

Alolan ninetales @ light clay
Ability: snow warning
EVs: 124 Def / 12 SpA / 22 SpD /
- aurora veil
- freeze dry
- hail
- ice beam

(IVs Percentage = 50)

Brief description of why you chose this Pokémon:
alolan ninetales would be the last mon I send out causing hail damage and finishing the enemy team

mawile @ Held item
Ability: Ability Name
EVs: 124 HP / 8 Atk / 122 SpD (if a certain EV is 0 just delete it)
(Nature Name) Nature
- iron head
- play rough
- sucker punch
- crunch

(IVs Percentage = 70%)

Brief description of why you chose this Pokémon:
Mawile is a just in case to tie up loose ends
Posted Feb 12, 19 · OP
Emberz_ MemberAdmin
Although I am liking the pokemon you are using, you have not filled out the application correctly. You have missed the playtime question and when filling out your team you missed out vital information I need to know. Also I'm not too keen on your held items and a few reasonings to why you have chosen some pokemon. But not to worry, you can edit the post and make a few amendments and I will re-access it then.

Would also appreciate it if you added some colour to make it easier to read. See the forum post "Formatting an application properly" for some help!

Once you have done all that feel free to message me on discord (Emberz_#1055) and I will have another look.

I also recomend using a mega evolution, mega Mawile and Gardevoir are both great
Posted Feb 13, 19 · Last edited Feb 13, 19 by Emberz_
the new version
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Emberz_ MemberAdmin
You still managed to miss the playtime question, I also noticed you haven't been on the server for the past week or so. For now I am gonna deny the application until you can prove you can meet the specifications. Please reapply in a week.
I also recommend re-thinking you team. The pokemon are okay but using Primarina to combat fire when its not a weakness is abit odd to me.

Application Denied
Posted Feb 19, 19
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