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In-Game Name:

Age (All ages accepted):

Discord (Needed) (Must be able to communicate efficiently):

How many hours can you put in per day? Waht timezone do you live in?
I can put 4-10 hours, but only weekends (hope its no problem)
I'm living in the Middle European timezone

How long have you benn playing on the server?
188 hours over like 6 months

Have you ever had any previous Staff experience before? If so please list them.
No, but i want to try some new things, so...

Why do you want to be staff? What's preventing you from just pointing out rule breaking and helping players as a member?
1. I like the server and i'm helping other, raiding is for me forbidden, i want that everyone is having fun
2. Preventing is, that i want to play the game just normaly, helping is something that i like, and chaos is just horrable on a server

Which server is this for (if it's for Bteam, State whether it's Bteam PvP or Bteam PvE)
Its for B-Team PvP

If you could change one thing about the server, what would it be and why would you change it? (DO NOT SAY NOTHING)
You can choose if explosives are allowed in your plot or not, cause i just got raided every time, before my base was save

Have you ever gotten in trouble (warns, mutes, bans, etc)? If so, what will you do to amend your actions?
I never got in trouble and don't want it, i want to be the opposite, to solve the trouble between players

What do you think the biggest current issue on the server is? (Staff members, greifing, pvp, etc.)
This is DIFFERENT from your "one thing you could change!"
The Players and the PvP: If i am helping someone, like giving him items, he wants to kill me.

How will you fix that issue?
Making a command with that you can toggle pvp, but you cant attack too (you have to be not attack like 1 minute)

What do you do if...
a.) A player asks for help on a mod which you don't know about?
I will say he can ask my friend, and if he don't knows about the mod i will send him a page with info's with the issue

b.) A player needs help with something you can't provide? (refund, custom donation perk, etc.)?
I say, he must make a forum, and i ask him if he can keep me up to date with it.

c.) A player Makes a good suggestion in-game?
I will say, that i can maybe will send it to the owner or an admin, and they will have to choose if its good

Do you have anything else to say?
The Server is great for that, that its small and not vanilla. it's just a little server, but a good server, but there are also some crashes, but thats forgivable. (sry for my bad english, im german and english is not my best, but i hope that's ok)
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Slipplaysmc MemberTinker
This application is on the shorter side, and it doesn't seem like too much effort was put in :confused: Plus, you didn't follow the regulations regarding title thread.

Don't lose hope, though! You could possibly get accepted if you spend some more time on your next application. Read some of the other previously accepted applications and see what they do right.

Unfortunately, -1 from me. Good luck though~
Posted Feb 9, 19
ThatBubble109 Engineer
I agree in part with the Slipper man. The application is a fair bit short and could use some more detail. Refer to the regs! I think you should also spice up your application by formatting the questions with color to help separate the questions from answers. Good Luck. No rate from me at this time.
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Marni ManagerDeveloper
Application Denied
Please add some color and some more detail!
Feel free to re apply in a week!
Posted Feb 17, 19
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