Suggestion: Daily Rewards!

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YaBoiTbone Member
So, we have a lot of people coming onto the servers recently, but a lot of people tend not to stay. I see the same dedicated people whenever I come on. I suggest a daily reward system if you play an hour or more a day. IE:

Day 1: 1 hour played= 10 diamonds
Day 2: 1 hour played= 5 Manyullyn, etc.

Maybe you can also do one where if you do 3 hours on one day, you are in the running for a 3 HOUR daily reward, a higher value of the 1 hour, etc. If you keep this same time running per day, you get even better rewards, but if you only do 1 hour, you revert back to 1 hour daily rewards.
Posted Dec 30, 18 · OP
MiT_Ig MemberBuilder
Yeah something like that sounds cool, I also had an idea, adding something like virtual points, they can't be in the inventories, you win more everyday unless you miss one day and you can use the points in lottery machines or something like that.
Posted Jan 2, 19
Hawaii9 Member
I like that idea, what if "x" amount of hours earned you a rank? IE:
0-5 hours: Newbie
5-25 hours: Rookie
25-50 hours: Dedicated
50-100 hours: Plus
100-150 hours: Premium
And so on...
It's just an idea.
Posted Jan 23, 19
Slipplaysmc MemberTinker
I was hoping to maybe introduce some kind of monthly prize system, like: Most monthly votes or most monthly playtime gets a small rank or something of that sort. I think people would like that :p
Posted Jan 24, 19
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