Infinity-Evolved set of rules

Last Updated: 02/11/2019

Rule 1: Respect all staff members and players.
This server is meant to be a friendly hub where people can play. To do that, we need to insure that disrespecting is NOT allowed. Disrespecting means but is not limited to disrespecting ones religion, politic stance or sex. Those topics should not be talked about. If a staff member is found disrespecting you, please report it immediately.

Rule 2: No sexism, racism, inappropriate discussion or foul language.
Due to the server being based in an English speaking country, please take all non-English chats to faction chat or PM.
Please refrain from inappropriate discussion in chat, which includes drugs and such.
This rule supports Rule 1. When these topics are talked about, it usually results in an arguments. These talks will NOT be tolerated. Positivity and negativity on these subjects is not allowed. If you have an opinion on these topics, keep them to yourself please. This does not include minor swears like 'damn', 'hell', or 'bish', although whether you get warned or not is at the discretion of the staff member, who will decide your punishment based of the severity of the swearing and the rate at which you use these words.

Rule 3: The word of any staff member is final.
If a staff member tells you something, you are supposed to follow their word. However, staff are not allowed to tell you to do something in real life. If in the smallest of small possibilities, a staff is abusing their position, you are to message the manager of the server. If its on an even higher level, please message me directly.

Rule 4: No duping, abusing mechanics, or purposefully lagging the server in any way.
This includes any type of duplication, glitching and or abuse. Hacking, macros and others are not allowed either.
- NO AUTOMATICALLY SPAWNING DRAGONS. Dragons can be killed instantly, however the resurrection ritual must be activated human.

Rule 5: PvP and raiding are allowed
PvP is allowed. You may raid unclaimed and claimed based, however you may not bypass faction claims.

Rule 6: No spamming or excessive caps/characters/colored chat.
Caps once or twice is fine. A duplicate message once is OK too. But after that it is/will be considered spam. /me is included in this.

Rule 7: No blocking both sides of Nether Portals and no trapping people in portals such as draconic portals or mystcraft portals for example
This is not allowed as doing so can get a player permanently stuck. We keep extensive records and will find who did it.

Rule 8: No scamming on trades in spawn or using GlobalMarket
If a trade is conducted at spawn or market (/market mail), you are to be held under what you said. You cannot go back on a trade. If time is not specified, the trade must be completed within 2 hours of exchange. If it is a deal regarding a PvP Match, it must be honored regardless of place of conduct.

Rule 9: Donors need to follow donor TOS
This is done to minimize fraud etc. If this rule is broken, the donor service may be terminated without a refund.

Rule 10: No witchery at spawn
This includes but is not limited to taglocks, witches hands, and mystic branches.

Rule 11: Bypassing factions is not allowed
For obvious reasons, bypassing claims is not allowed. However, place-down explosives (TNT, SDX and such) are allowed. TNT (Or any other explosive for that matter) Cannons (Place-down) are also fine. Raiding with "placed" creepers on claims is not allowed. Raiding with withers is not allowed. Anything else is not. When in a faction, you cant kill your fellow faction members. Setting homes in enemy/truce/neutral bases is not allowed. However, if a home was already set, and the area was claimed afterwards, that is not bypassing.

Rule 12: No bypassing bans
If we find out that you have bypassed a ban/temp-ban, your account will be permanently banned, and all your items and belongings reset.

Rule 13: No restricting access to worlds
All worlds are open to every player. Restricting an access to a world, is not allowed. (Galacticraft space stations do not fall under this)

Rule 14: No impersonating others
Impersonating staff members or players is also not allowed.

Rule 15: No TP killing or TP taglocking
This includes poisoning, taglocking, and trapping players. You must wait at LEAST 40 seconds after a player is teleported before you can affect the player. if a player teleports you to him using a witchery rite they may kill you without waiting 40 seconds but they can not tag you untill 40 seconds pass. even if you do not personally taglock or kill the person teleporting to you or being teleported to you and have a friend kill them or taglock them without waiting thats still bypassing the rules and both of you will be punished. trackers have the same rules that taglocks have applied to them.

Rule 16: Staff and Staff Factions
Raiding staff only factions is not allowed. Staff are allowed to pvp if it is a scheduled match. If it is not, please report it to the owner. A work of staff should not be obstructed. Taglocks of staff are not allowed to be obtained. Trackers can not be put on staff. If a taglock was obtained before a user was staff, when they are staff the taglocks cannot be used. TO BE CLEAR. Trainees can be taglocked and tracked.

Rule 17: Multiple alternate accounts are not allowed.
More than 2 alternate accounts in addition to your original is not allowed.

Rule 18: Killing, Scamming, Taglocking, Raiding, poisoning, (etc) new players on their first week (to check /ppstatus name if it says 1 their protected) is not allowed.
A faction is only protected from raiding if all its members have a ppstatus value of 1 if even one player does not the faction is NOT protected.

Rule 19: No setting homes, dislocation points, waystones, eye of frugal recall points, general recall points and other forms of teleporting back into an area inside a faction's teritory without the faction's premission.
Recall points set before the land was claimed are still ok.