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So I was banned from the discord without any warning of it happening, I had no idea of the context in which I was banned it was simple and done, I later went on an alt account asking of the reason I was banned and for a possible unban. Divine replied telling me I was banned and that I could stay on my alt if I stayed out of trouble. My alt then got banned which confused me, I thought maybe it was a misunderstanding, but then it happened again and again so I asked about what Divine said, and then she/he changed their mind on the situation. I find this aggravating as in my point of view I did nothing wrong and was punished for it, I also added a lot of conversations and ideas to the entire Coolax Gaming community.
Posted Nov 19, 18 · OP
You were originally banned for all the issues you caused your toxicity and your overall damage to the discord. all the later bans have been due to bypassing a ban. true I told you I wouldn't do anything to ya so long you dont cause trouble however it was decided that you being allowed to essentially ban evade sets a bad example which I suppose I agree (wasn't my original idea) with I wasn't the one who banned you 2/3 times you were banned for ban evading either. also lol "I did nothing wrong and was punished for it" you were BAN EVADING " I did nothing wrong" xD If you want to be un banned and to not be pestered with having to ban evading your welcomed to try your luck and file an appeal using the ticket system. Cheers.
Posted Nov 19, 18
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