This is a list of some of the most common, recognized exploits on B-team, detailing which are or are not permitted. If you discover an exploit that is not on this list, assume it is not permitted until asking a staff member for permission to do it, and if you’d like to recommend an exploit for us to make legal, please do so via a thread in the suggestions section. Additionally, any exploits involving explicit duplication will always be illegal.

Permitted exploits:
1. Using mobs or essence berry bushes to avoid the mob essence system. Using a king slime or other means to obtain more mob essence is permitted, but duplicating liquid xp or mob essence is not.
2. Obtaining lava from a lava fabricator by detaching it from its power source and letting it run is permitted
3. Using iron golems to get infinite health, ON PVE ONLY

Illegal exploits:
1. Infinite iron generation using iron golems
2. Duplicating liquids in any capacity, unless very clearly specified elsewhere
3. Using treadmills to spawn pigs
4. Using iron golems to get infinite health on pvp
5. Cloning the following Witchery mobs is ILLEGAL: Flame imps, Coven Witches, Demons, Nightmares, witch hunters, and any witchery bosses. You are permitted to clone: Mandrakes, Toads, Owls, Spirits, Ents, and Minedrakes.

Regarding the illegal exploits: Do not ask other players for details regarding any of them. If you have further questions regarding the permitted exploits, please ask a staff member in game, or ask about them on our discord server. If no staff member is available, feel free to shoot Slippy#1110 a message on discord.

Note: Credit to Slippy for creating this!