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Rule 1: Respect all staff members and players.
This server is meant to be a friendly hub where people can play. To do that, we need to insure that disrespecting is NOT allowed. Disrespecting means but is not limited to disrespecting ones religion, Sexual orientation, political stance or sex. Those topics should not be talked about. If a staff member is found disrespecting you, please report it immediately.

Rule 2: No sexism, racism, inappropriate discussion or foul language.
Due to the server being based in an English speaking country, please take all non-English chats to faction chat or PM.
Please refrain from inappropriate discussion in chat, which includes drugs and such.
This rule supports Rule 1. When these topics are talked about, it usually results in an arguments. These talks will NOT be tolerated. Positivity and negativity on these subjects is not allowed. If you have an opinion on these topics, keep them to yourself please. This does not include minor swears like 'damn', 'hell', or 'bish', although whether you get warned or not is at the discretion of the staff member, who will decide your punishment based of the severity of the swearing and the rate at which you use these words.

Rule 3: The word of any staff member is final.
If a staff member tells you something, you are supposed to follow their word. However, staff are not allowed to tell you to do something in real life. If in the smallest of small possibilities, a staff is abusing their position, you are to message the manager of the server. If its on an even higher level, please message me directly.

Rule 4: No duping, abusing mechanics, or purposefully lagging the server in any way.
This includes any type of duplication, glitching and or abuse. Hacking, macros and others are not allowed either.

Rule 5: PvP and raiding are allowed
PvP is allowed. You may raid unclaimed and claimed based, however you may not bypass faction claims.

Rule 6: No spamming or excessive caps/characters/colored chat.
Caps once or twice is fine. A duplicate message once is OK too. But after that it is/will be considered spam. /me is included in this.

Rule 7: No blocking both sides of Nether Portals
This is not allowed as doing so can get a player permanently stuck. We keep extensive records and will find who did it.

Rule 8: No scamming on trades in spawn or using the GlobalMarket plugin
Scamming is allowed in person anywhere except for spawn and the market plugin. Please use global market, our market system, to conduct trades if you want to ensure the safety of your items.

Rule 9: Donors need to follow donor TOS
This is done to minimize fraud etc. If this rule is broken, the donor service may be terminated without a refund.

Rule 10: No witchery at spawn
This includes but is not limited to taglocks, witches hands, and mystic branches.

Rule 11: Bypassing factions is not allowed
For obvious reasons, bypassing claims is not allowed. However, place-down explosives (TNT, SDX and such) are allowed as long as they aren't used in tandem with the archimedes ships mod. TNT (Or any other explosive for that matter) Cannons (Place-down) are also fine. Raiding with "placed" creepers on claims is not allowed. Raiding with withers is not allowed. Anything else is not. When in a faction, you cant kill your fellow faction members. Setting homes in enemy/truce/neutral bases is not allowed. However, if a home was already set, and the area was claimed afterwards, that is not bypassing. You cannot use sponge(s) or sponge on a stick (from the open-blocks mod) to remove fluids from a faction you do not have access to build in.

Rule 12: No bypassing bans
If we find out that you have bypassed a ban/temp-ban, your account will be permanently banned, and all your items and belongings reset.

Rule 13: No restricting access to worlds
All worlds are open to every player. Restricting an access to a world, is not allowed (For example Claiming the end portal to stop players from being able to access it or claiming the torment maze and blocking it off).

Rule 14: No impersonating others
Impersonating staff members or players is also not allowed (The abuse and breaking of this rule using the /nick command may lead to the command being taken from the offending player regardless if the player in question donated for the ability to perform the command).

Rule 15: No harming a player immediately after a teleport
This includes poisoning, tag-locking, and trapping players. You must wait at least 40 seconds after a player have teleported before you can affect the player in any negative way (This only includes teleportations using the /Tpa and /Tpahere commands and witchery teleports. Both participating players in the teleport command gain the 40 seconds grace period. bypassing this rule via a friend who isn't subject to the grace period will result in punishment!)

Rule 16: Do not raid or kill staff members.
Staff members cannot kill or raid you, so please do not kill or raid them either. Staff-only factions are completely off limits for raids, however if staff members are in a faction with regular players that faction can be raided (Staff only factions have "Staff only faction" integrated somewhere in their description and are consisting of staff members ONLY) (Non qualifying factions with a description indicating they are a staff only faction will have their faction description changed and may be subject to a punishment depending on the severity of the situation).

Rule 17: Do not use sdx, other similar explosives, or any other means to intentionally lag the server.
If something you are doing heavily lags the server, stop doing it and contact a staff member for advice, such that you can avoid getting in trouble. We understand that some bases will call for large amounts of explosives, but given the newly altered block blast resistances and base rules, you should never need to use more than 30 sdx at once. If you are unsure of whether or not you can use a certain amount of sdx, ask a staff member first. Additionally, if you notice the server lagging after using lots of explosives, please ask a staff member before continuing.

Rule 18: Alternate accounts are not permitted on our server due to them giving users unfair advantages.
If you are caught using an alt, the alternate account will be removed from your faction and banned. If you would like to play on the PvP server with a sibling or anyone else who shares your IP address, submit a ticket so that we can verify and accept the account the other person will be using.

Rule 19: Do not create your own space station.
You are only permitted to build at and use the one public space station, which all players can use together. Additionally, do not camp outside of the space station spawning area waiting for people to come out so you can kill them: This will be punished for in the same way that abusing exploits is. If you create your own space station, it will promptly be deleted

Rule 20: Do not protect your base with blocks or techniques which make your base unraidable by legal means. This includes the blocks listed below, and any blocks with blast resistance higher than 75 (advanced glass walls)
If you are not sure, just use Advanced Glass Walls. If you are caught using blocks with a blast resistance greater than Advanced Glass Walls (anything with a blast resistance of more than 75), OR using any of the otherwise illegal blocks / items, the Illegal blocks will be removed from your base, thus allowing the player that reported it to raid it. A list of all the illegal blocks and techniques can be found at the bottom of this thread. If you are unsure, ask a mod or higher for clearance to use something. You may use these blocks for mundane purposes, so long as they aren't used to defend your base in any capacity.

Additionally: Do NOT build your base within 10 blocks of the void in any open void dimension. You also may not let water, or any other protectionary fluid flow from your base into the void.

If you see an unraidable base please contact a moderator or a higher up Bteam PvP staff member in game, via discord or via a ticket so that they can investigate the base. If the base is determined to be violating this rule, the illegal blocks or contraptions will be removed and you will be able to raid said base.
Please Include coordinates if you are notifying a staff member on discord or via a ticket.

NOTE: This rule is subject to spontaneous change, and new blocks or methods may be added. If you would prefer to stay safe, ask a mod or higher, or only use advanced glass walls and water.

Please keep in mind that this list is subject to change. Some items may be removed or added in the future. Again, if you are unsure: Ask a moderator or higher up staff member, or stick with simple blocks. If you manage to find other means to make your base unraidable, we are still permitted to force you to get rid of it.
1. Resonant / Liquid Ender (in liquid form)
2. Enchantment Table
3. Ender Chest
4. Resonant Energy Cells
5. Resonant strong boxes
6. Resonant portable tanks
7. Tesseract
8. Hardened energy cell
9. Redstone energy cell
10. Machinist's Workbench
11. Hardened Glass
12. Glowstone Illuminator
13. Hardened Portable Tank
14. Reinforced Portable Tank
15. Reinforced Strongbox
16. Hardened Strongbox
17. Player Interface (Inconclusive test results)
18. Advanced Blast Wall
19. Obsidian Bricks (Requires further testing)
20. Large Obsidian Bricks (Requires Further testing)
21. Soul Glass
22. Heat Glass
23. Obelisk
24. Automatic dialer
25. Basic Dial Device
26. Dial Device
27. Obsidian Stairs
28. Portal Modifier
29. Fancy Obsidian Brick (Tinker's Construct - All known variants)
30. Obsidian Brick (Tinker's Construct - All known variants)
31. Alluring Skull
32. Leech Chest
33. Ender Bramble
34. Statue of The Goddess
35. Scarecrow (All Variants)
36. Trent Effigy (All Variants)
37. Witch's Ladder (All Variants)
38. Wild Bramble
39. Obsidian Blocks (Chisel Mod) (Requires further testing)
40. Carpenter's Safe
41. QCraft Blocks which contain any of the above blocks
42. Crayons/Pencils and alike
43. Block breakers (All variations)
44. Autonomous Activators
45. Block placers (All Variations)
46. Drawbridges (All Variations)
47. Gelid Cryotheum
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Why are space stations banned?
Posted Feb 10, 19
Slipplaysmc MemberTinker
Space stations are banned because we can't set a border for each one, resulting in an unlimited amount of land. If we let people make them, anyone could make a space station and build like 1k blocks out znd be never found
Posted Feb 10, 19
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