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Hello All!

As I am sure everyone here who plays the pvp server knows, Attack of the B-Team PvP is dying, and from the looks of things it will die if nothing is done about it. So far, the server has not been reset for a long time, and this has allowed players like me to become overwhelmingly dominant over new players, which as you might expect, can be both boring for people like me, and frustrating for new players.

To build on the dying nature of the pvp server right now, the world's enormous size (26,000 x 26,000 just for the over world) has become more and more prohibitive to its players' experiences. Large worlds are great for servers with lots of players, and we used to have 40 players at a given time, but with a population that rarely reaches above 25% of that at peak times, and normally hangs below 5 players, the number of worlds and size of those worlds has become a huge frustration. For a factions server to function, players need to be involved in both raiding and protecting their factions and bases, but with a world so large that you will never find another player, no matter how long you look, combined with the huge number of worlds, the server is hardly a factions server any more.

Here is what I propose to do to fix these problems that I've outlined, and hopefully draw in new players:
1. Reset the world
2. Limit the overworld to 7,500 by 7,500 blocks, meaning the world would range from (-3250,-3250) to (3250,3250)
3. Make space stations public, so that any player with a rocket can access any one at any time
4. Limit the dimensions of space stations to 1,000 by 1,000 blocks, and prohibit players for removing or altering the spawning 3x3x3 area so as to kill anyone who enters the station
5. Limit all other dimensions to 2,500 by 2,500 blocks
6. Allow chunk loading with poppet shelves, or a more reliable way

Personally I think that if we restarted the server in this configuration, the server would feel much more like a pvp server, like there were more players on (and perhaps there will be,) and just generally more enjoyable.

Thanks, and please pm me on discord or reply if you want to discuss anything I've said,
Reset the world and include the suggestions
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Reset the world and leave it like it is now
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Don't reset the world
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Posted Oct 8, 18 · OP
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While I agree the over-world's size is massive for a PvP factions server the limit you suggested for it is too great, I can see it being 20,000 by 20,000 blocks (meaning the world would range from (-10,000, -10,000) to (10,000, 10,000). ) at a bare minimum for the over-world If they decide to reduce Its size. While I personally agree that space stations should not be a thing on a factions PvP server I do not think that they should be made public at least Currently, as they are multiple ways to make un-raid-able bases (Not including faction over-claiming due to inactivity, which only space stations are immune to as well) and I personally don't see a reason to make space stations public (for the reason of being un-raid-able) while there are other alternatives. I also believe that making space stations public will agitate a portion of the current players or possible returning players and could cause possible player loss for a redundant Nerf to un-raid-able bases while there are alternatives to making them (You could argue that publicizing space stations might bring back more players than push away players, however that is something that is hard to prove which makes it problematic to argue for). Considering I disagree on the front of publicizing space stations, I am also against the idea of instating a border within them (Don't see a reason to add a border should the space stations remain as they are. On the flip side if space stations are publicized I think a border of 1,000 by 1,000 should be enforced on space stations like you suggested.) as for the idea of disabling changes to the 3 by 3 spawn blocks of space stations If they are publicized is a good idea I feel it might be Very difficult to execute (Unless you meant to have a rule prohibiting it which could work). again, like your suggestion with the limitation of the over-world, I believe the limitation you suggested for other dimensions is again too big should other dimensions's border be shrunk down I can see the Bare minimum of it being 10,000 by 10,000 blocks (meaning the world would range from (-5,000, -5,000) to (5,000, 5,000).) . Lastly on the point of chunk loading making poppet shelves be able to reliably load chunk will drastically increase the already high amount of loaded chunks on the server and hurt the quality of the game-play rather then improving it due to risk of greater lag (You could make the arguments there are alternatives, but, most people are not very aware of said alternatives and even if they are dont go out of the way to make them meaning that if reliable poppet shelf chunk loading is enabled which is the simplest of methods to chunk load will indefinitely increased the amount of loaded chunks and subsequently increase the amount of lag which is something we all would like to avoid). That is my overall stance on this forum post and thank you for making a suggestion on the forums even though I disagreed with some of your suggestions I agree that the concept behind them is a good one.
Posted Oct 8, 18
Megamatsi243 Member
I think that these are great ideas, some of which I've been pushing for a long time. I disagree with Divine though, I believe space stations should be in a public list like seen on some other factions servers, i do believe the boarders for these worlds should be around 5k though. And for the smaller over world.. I believe that it should be around 15k-17.5k blocks or somewhere around there. I also believe raiding should be drastically changed, I think that any way that you could "bypass" claims should be allowed, Whats the point of playing modded minecraft if were still using vanilla strategies to raid. Its allowing all of the mods to be used to defend a base, while only allowing the destruction from SDX from the tinkers mod, it makes no sense. for the chunk loading issue, I believe that poppet shelves would make it too laggy, and there are other ways to load chunks.
Posted Oct 16, 18
JustQuin Member+
0 people online is kinda boring...
Posted Oct 17, 18
BondGamer007 Member
As someone who has not played on this server in a long time and was thinking about joining again, I for the most part like your ideas. I feel like the world size should be decreased, but not by an extreme amount. I also feel like space stations being public could be an interesting idea but could also be frustrating as they require special machines just to be function unlike a normal base on the over-world so they take longer to set up and therefor would take longer to rebuild. I also feel like periodic resets are necessary but the reason I left this server a VERY long time ago was because resets were too frequent. As someone suggested on another thread, I think 3-4 months is too short a period. For someone that just plays casually, it can take longer to get built up and to get things done. I think period resets are a good thing, but less frequently as maybe like once a year. Also just wanted to post something and see if my donor status was still active. :p
Posted Oct 18, 18
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