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I recently got into farming gold, which, as far as I know, is the main way players make money on the server, despite the very low selling price of gold. The only issue with selling gold, aside from the unfair price, is that there is no option to sell in bulk, and I don't know why. I know the chest shop plugin the server is using has the feature to let players sell all of the gold in their inventory to the shop at once, but there isn't one there. It would help a ton if more items could be sold in bulk, such as iron and the other plants that can be sold, so can we please just add a few signs for it?

Aside from that though, there are still several items shown in the shop that don't have a sell Or a buy sign, which makes you wonder - Why are they there? It's been like that for literally around a year now, which is unbelievable considering how easy it would be to fix. There are also many empty item frames on one side of the shop that should really be filled in - There are lots of extremely rare items that are difficult to get because of the spawn rates or other issues, such as concentrated essence bushes, or ender backpacks which are Literally glitched and unobtainable for whatever reason. It's a simple thing to fix, but if you don't have the time / don't feel like fixing these issues, can we at least have a reason why? That's all I ask.

By the way, if you need ideas for what to put there, I'm sure the community could come up with some stuff. Capture nets, ender pearls, thermal expansion stuff of any kind and more witchery stuff come to mind right away. Even if the items aren't that useful / are overpriced, it's better than having the shop unfinished.

tl;dr: Signs should be added in the shop so that players can sell items, namely gold in bulk, and the empty itemframes / signless items in the shop should be filled in / fixed.

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totally agree
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