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Hello all!

I personally have been experiencing a growing dissatisfaction with the chat regulations recently, and I wanted to find out what the community as a whole thinks about it. As such, here is a survey I created that is intended to poll your feelings on chat. It would be very helpful if you could fill this out.

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I gotta say, I agree 100%, but as far as I know, the staff team is strongly inclined not to change or fix the chat filters. What they could do instead though is add optional filters, so that you can see everything that is said if you so choose.

As an aside from swearing, they also have unnecessary regulations on repeating characters and one character long messages

Edit: Just wanted to add a few things.

First of all, I'm very impressed by the poll! The questions are very well written. I'd suggest making the IGN question optional so that people can stay anonymous if they want (so that you don't get biased results), and I'd also suggest altering the wording of the sexism question because that one in particular can be a bit borderline at times. In my opinion, everything should be allowed within moderation - Racially related jokes are acceptable in very minor contexts but should be restricted if they are largely seen as too offensive, and the same should apply to the other categories, with the exception of religious topics or any other personal beliefs. This is more or less the system we have in place right now.

Second, it may be a good idea to post about this on the official discord page, as I've noticed it hasn't received much traction, which is unfortunate, and the last thing I wanted to address was the inconsistency between the discord chat rules and the in game chat rules. For whatever reason, ask any staff member about why swearing is restricted and they'll pour their heart out about all the parents that play with their kids, but when it comes to the discord server and sometimes even the forums, people couldn't care less about swearing and it is seldom curtailed. That being said: I would prefer that at least on discord we can swear as opposed to not being able to on either, but the point is that their core values and approaches to cursing is strange and inconsistent to say the least, and I honestly still think that they don't want to change it primarily because of the effort required. Personally I hear about these kinds of complains all the time and have been unhappy with the chat regulating systems for a long time now
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