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Username (in-game): Nomadology
Server: B-Team PVP
Offending Player: _Gus
Offense committed: Impersonation
Specific Rule Number: #16
Time of Offense: About 9:30 PM MTN, on Saturday, April 14th, 2018
Details: At around 9:30PM MTN time, _Gus was caught impersonating member White_Phosphorus and tpaing to another member in White_Phosphorus' faction, CommunistLeague. He then killed the moment tpa protection ended and promptly blew up the base, all made possible only because _Gus had impersonated White_Phosphorus. Screenshots were provided by member JamesKreck, the person who _Gus had sent his TPA request to. Evidence can be found by the real White_Phosphorus speaking to reveal their tag is member, where the White_Phosphorus who sent the tpa request has the tinkerer tag.

It has been claimed that _Gus has made similar offenses 3 days earlier, impersonating member Velociraptor47 and using such impersonation to tpa to member DreadandPie, a member of the same faction as member Velociraptor47, around Wednesday, April 11, 2018, at 6:45 PM MTN time. However, there are no available screenshots of this earlier offense.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

EDIT: There are no in-game screenshots of the offense on April 11th, however, there are screenshots from a discord group, supporting the event.
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Punishment Issued.
Posted Apr 15, 18
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