DominicAb bypassing

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Username (in-game): term1
Server: Attack Of The B-Team PVP
Offending Player: DominicAb (and possibly Skybear098)
Offense committed: Bypassing
Specific Rule Number: 12
Time of Offense: 7:50pm EST
Details: DominicAB and SkyBear098 bypassed my base. (However I've only got proof Dominic doing it)
They used ender-porters to get in my base, then blew up my chests and machines with the fireball gene.
The link has a ton of photos, sorry about that.
Also, Dominic claimed he used a cannon with a bouncy pad to get into my base, the outside of my base is completely untouched. Not even a block out of place. (I'd leave screen shots of this, but it would give away my base location)
I'd leave my base coords, but don't want the outside of my base to be blown up.
I would be happy to send screenshots of the outside of my base as well as coords over discord, or in-game.
(Screenshot attached if applicable/available)
My discord: Term1#4538 (in case you need to contact me, I rarely get forum notifications)
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For future reference, you can hide you cords by either turning off your minimap, most minimap mods have this, you'll just have to find the button for it; or you could press f1 and that will hide the cords aswell.
Posted Mar 3, 18
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