Direwolf And Other Changes!

CoolaxGaming Owner posted Oct 28, 17

Hey Guys!

Long time no see, I haven't used the front page in a while now! Happy to be using it today to announce some new fixes and the public launch of direwolf! I will keep the info about direwolf for later in this post. First I want to talk about what is new on our current servers.

B-Team PVP and PVE
Fixed a major crash with galacticraft power conversion. This should fix the towny safe mode issue permanently. This is the only crash that regularly occurs on B-Team, so this should be a big reduction in the already reduced crashes.

Improved some optimizations here and there. Blight is weird with memory optimizations. But hopefully, this is a step in the right direction.

This is a bag of goodies. We have multiple things for Infinity. First of all, the server has been reset. Yes, I know this might come as a bummer to most of you. But this was necessary due to the following changes that are made to return balance to the server. Draconic evolution has had some major changes to it. The damage of draconic staff has been reduced to that of a draconic sword. The draconic shielding now has a 40% chance of working. Resolute IVY has been banned. World borders of 10k have been put on existing dimensions (With a mirror border of wild on the dreamworld). This is all the balancing part. Along with that, we fixed the only major crash that Infinity has. There should be virtually no more crashes left to fix.

Now, for the fun part: Direwolf! IP - direwolf.coolax-gaming.com
Direwolf took abnormally long to launch. And even know, I am not going to list it to advertising sites. There is a lot more work to do. There are two major reasons this took so long. First is that I could not find the time commitment needed to work on this, though I am getting better at dedicating and managing time. Second of all, we are working with 1.10 MC. We have to use sponge from now on, something I have never worked with before. We have to make a new fileset from the ground up, and that has been taking us a long time. Though we have a relative workable one ready. We will be using the Nations plugin for protection. NOTE: The server is still in beta, and I expect it to be till a week from now. All feedback is welcome.

Thats all guys, its been a pleasure seeing this community grow even in my partial absence. It is honestly an amazing feeling. I want to thank the entire staff team for working so hard, and the players for supporting the community. Here are a few staff I want to extend extra thanks to  -


Have a great Halloween!


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