Buff Laser Drills

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Laser drills are pretty cool, they let you use power in order to mine ores automatically. There is one issue though. Laser drills take too much power. We only have one type of power generation right now, and that is the dynamos from Thermal Expansion, and while these are great and provide renewable energy, they only provide 80RF/tick, which means that to power a single laser drill, you need 256 dynamos! 4 stacks! That's a lot of dynamos! This really should not be this way, since MFR on its own is not usually a thing, and is normally paired with other mods, which generally include mods with better power solutions (think mekanism, etc.) So, when we have these MFR machines in b-team, we can barely use them since they take a huge amount of power. Its also not great for the server to have thousands of dynamos running, I mean, my faction already has more than two thousand dynamos setup just for laser drills. This just isn't how it was meant to be, and laser drills need to be buffed by lowering the amount of power they draw, or increasing the speed that they run at, because currently the situation is pretty broken.

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Problem solved

dont use laser drills
Posted Apr 14, 18
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Before the server got reset, I made a room with 4,000 magmatic dynamos and lemme tell you that solves your energy problem for laser drills.
Posted Apr 14, 18
NaturesMayhem Member
I think this is pointless complaining. The work required to make that many dynamos is nothing compared to the pay off. Laser drills can run 24/7 without any checkup and will constantly produce ores for you, a ore every 10 seconds if you have your system maxed out on power. You leave the thing running for a day; you can come back and smelt all the ferrous you get, and voila, there's you second drill and so on. So, laser drills should not be easier to make as the work put it in is less than it's actual value. Also, the easier it is to make laser drills, the more there will be, resulting in more server lag.
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Posted Apr 17, 18
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